Kohan: Immortal Sovereign is a real-time strategy game for up to 8 players, set in a fantasy universe where powers old and new, human and otherwise struggle to rule their kingdoms and those of others.

Players will be required to use a blend of strategy, tactics, and resource management to create a successful kingdom, with the main emphasis being the successful deployment and use of their military forces.

Exploration of the world and learning the story of the Kohan race will also take prominence. The player will use Kohan Heroes to search out the clues of their ancient decline and learn from the past to prepare for the future.

Players will learn the story of the Kohan in the campaign mode of the game. In Kohan, players can play a basic tutorial, an advanced tutorial, a full-blown campaign, and play with up to 7 other players over the internet or LAN.


  • Kohan will also come with a Map Editor with a random map generator that will allow users to create and customize their own maps, allowing for endless replayability.

  • Company-based combat system with the player creating custom unit groupings.

  • Up to 40 different units can be combined to create thousands of possible unique companies, each functioning distinctly.

  • Combat integrates a number of classic military aspects such as moral, unit positioning, terrain effects, range of sight, combat formation and supply zones.

  • Multiplayer with up to 8 human or AI players in total.

  • A random map generator for and a built-in scenario editor will also be included.