Kohan II: Kings of War, is the sequel to one of the most innovative titles in the Real-Time Strategy genre. Kohan II delivers an extremely strategic, and combat oriented strategy experience, taking the emphasis off of mindless mouse clicking and micromanagement and focusing on what counts, CONQUEST!

You command the Kohan. A race of immortal warlords, incapable of being killed, yet subject to a death of memory. Their nature is both blessing and bane. They need not fear death, yet cannot remember war's hard lessons and thus, will never know peace. It is the mortal races that suffer, as pawns in the Kohan's eternal game. Alliances are forged and broken, empires rise and fall; generations are born and die.

As brothers bleed on each other's blades, an ancient force, timeless in its malevolence and tireless in its patience, watches silently, knowing its hour is nigh. The Shadow is rising and a new evil is spreading its nefarious wings. Who will stand against the Shadow in this time of darkness?


  • Third game in the award winning Kohan Series. Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns won PC Strategy game of the year in PC Gamer, Computer Gaming World & Computer Games Magazine.

  • Rule over 6 unique races and 5 distinct factions, each with a huge variety of unique units and buildings, not including scores of native monsters, mercenaries and conscripts.

  • A 25+ mission long, character-driven campaign with a complex, engaging story of epic battles, heroic deeds and personal redemption.

  • Wage war across three different biomes, each with its own lavishly detailed fully 3D terrains, ambient life forms, weather effects and strategic impact.

  • Orchestrate your kingdom's economy without the need for micromanagement. There is no need to control dozens of peon units to gather resources or to build a city.

  • Command units in highly customised groups called companies that are controlled as a single entity. This allows for the creation of unique tactical formations and highly customised armies.

  • Enlist distinctive and dazzling units, like the "Drauga Berserker", which flies into a raging frenzy when heavily damaged, or the "Haroun Mistrunner", a stealthy unit that camouflages itself in the forest.

  • Innovative supply, company and morale systems add a new dimension to strategy and combat. Battles have a real ebb and flow. Knowing when to retreat and regroup can be the key to victory.

  • Battle against the RTS genre's most formidable AI. The AI can learn and adapt its tactics to match the situation and will experiment with new strategies when behind.

  • Highly integrated in-game cut sequences bring the campaign story to life.