Knights of the Cross is an historically accurate strategic game based upon a novel by Polish author, Henryk Sienkiewicz and takes place in the 15th Century in a period straddling one of the most important battles of medieval Europe for both Polish and German nations: the siege of Marienburg (Malbork) during the Tannenberg (Gr├╝nwald) battle of 1410. Knights of the Cross is the name given to the warriors of the Teutonic Order invading lands controlled by Polish forces, so called because of their look: white tunics and coats enriched with black crosses. The powerful army of the Polish Kingdom stands against this Knights of the Cross invasion.

As a Knight in control of your own army, you undertake missions given to you by either the King of the Polish Kingdom or the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order. With each side having its own unique set of armaments and units, Knights of the Cross will be a challenge for all strategists. Choosing their favourite side and making use of tactics and strategic skills, players can alter the course of history!


  • Play as either the Polish Kingdom or the Teutonic Knights of the Cross.

  • 102 individual battles (49 Polish and 53 German).

  • A mixture of both factual and original battles.

  • Minimum 50 hours gameplay.

  • Historically accurate units.

  • Buy or improve old units after each battle.

  • 23 Polish and 23 German battle maps that can be played in skirmish mode.

  • Incredibly detailed battlefields.

  • Wind direction and power affect unit attack capabilities.

  • Changing weather conditions: rain, snow, storms and more.

  • Original medieval music accompanied by realistic sounds.

  • Network game through IPX and TCP/IP protocol