Go to war! Send your spies to assassinate other rulers or marry your daughter off to an influential king. Besiege a bothersome kingdom or fight on the open battlefield against an enemy army.

In Knights of Honor, you use warfare, diplomacy and espionage in order to gain supremacy in Europe. A whole continent is your battlefield. No holds barred...


  • Strategic world-view combines with a detailed close-up-view to bring you the biggest map ever seen in a strategy game.

  • Knights can transfer over 25 abilities such as leadership and dread to troops and realms.

  • Special abilities can be boosted with fame points gathered through honorable deeds and experience.

  • More than 70 accurate realms and 40+ gameplay relevant structures to build.

  • Unique economic system for global resource management objectives.

  • Troop based combat concept with 4 experience levels, over 25 different military units and siege equipment.

  • Combat is featuring a nice selection of local units such as Teutonic Champion, English Longbowman or Normans.

  • Defend and conquer a great varitey of customizable castles with different siege engines such as trebouchet, siege towers and battering rams.

  • Extensive diplomatic capabilities through easy to use proposal-interface including agreements, edicts and espionage.

  • 3 historical entry points with different single- and multiplayermodes.