Knife Only is a 4-player local multiplayer knifing brawler. Juke, flank, dodge, and shank your way to victory in this hilariously intense party game.

Game Modes
Timed : Get the most kills in 3 minutes to win.
Stock : Start with 10 lives, and be the last one standing.
Assassin : Watch your back while hunting your target, survive to win!
Bounty : Gang up on that high value target!
King of the Hill (Coming Soon): Hold the hill for 60 seconds to win.

In Development
  • More Game Modes (king of the hill, etc.)
  • Different knife types (longsword, katana, machete, throwing knife, etc.)
  • Different maps (larger maps, obstacles, traps, speed/slow zones, etc.)
  • Online multiplayer
  • Online matchmaking with rankings
  • Online Squad based battle royale mode
  • Better graphics/SFX
  • Better music/sound
  • Cross platform play (xbox/switch/ps/pc/web/mac/ios/android)