King and Country is an ambitious Real-Time Strategy game set during the bloodiest time in all of human history. Massive regimes spread their forces like wildfire as players fight a war the likes of which humanity has never seen since. Play as the United States or German Reich armies as you wage intense battles spanning different parts of the earth in a massive single-player campaign or online multiplayer.AboutKing and Country brings unique skill-based strategy, heavily inspired by classic RTS titles. Utilize base building, formations, and intense strategy to bring victory and honor to your country.FEATURES• Story Mode: Get immersed in the most powerful war in human history, redrawing the map in your name and erasing those who stood against you.
Online Multiplayer & Co-Op: No one commands alone. Outwit your enemies online or fight alongside as friends in intense custom matches or co-op campaign.
Advanced Mod Support: Create or download mods for the game which let you create custom squads, individuals, buildings and architecture. Create an entirely unique experience, enhance the existing, or just create a zombie survival game mode. That works too.
LAN: The generals forgot to pay the internet bill? No problem.
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