Killzone is a first person action game set in the near future during a period of planetary colonization, and revolves around a savage conflict between forces that are still loyal to Earth (the ISA) and a separatist, militaristic faction who call themselves the Helghast.

The game follows a squad of four soldiers on a suicidal mission behind enemy lines, as they fight to undermine and defeat the Helghast forces following their devastating Blitzkrieg attack on the human colony.


  • 11 levels of intense combat action based on well-known theatres of war.

  • 25 realistic weapons including automatic knives, pistols, shot guns, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, chain guns, rocket launchers and anti-aircraft turrets.

  • Context sensitive actions, sneak behind guards and slit their throats, pistol whip enemies when they get up close.

  • Realistic motion - vault over obstacles and climb, not float, up ropes.

  • Choose from one of four team members and play through each level in a way that suits your gaming style; sneak through the rooftops as an assassin or wade through the streets with a gatling gun, how you handle each scenario is up to you.

  • The remaining squad fight along side you, each with their own personality, tactics and weaponry - players will really feel part of tight military team.

  • An epic saga of invasion and retaliation: a desperate squad escaping near death to defend their home.

  • Intelligent enemies who react like proper military units.

  • Dramatic gameplay events fuse the epic story line with the playable action.

  • Play on-line in a number of story driven multi-player game modes.

  • An original sound track recorded by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.