The killer inside...

Harman Smith has a secret. Seven split personalities live inside his head, each with unique killing skills. He's the ultimate assassin... the killer 7.

Kun Lan is an underworld psychopath. He rules an army of giggling monsters, the 'Heaven Smile'. They are spreading through the city. Anyone they get too close to dies.

Harman only targets those deserving to die. And Kun Lan and his abominations deserve to die... laughing.

Action doesn't get darker and bloodier than this.

  • From the twisted imagination of Shinji Mikami, creator of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry.

  • Step inside the mind of killer 7. Hard edged comic book imagery, red-raw combat, synapse-sizzling puzzles.

  • Seven killers each bring their own bloody retribution. Different skills, weapons and secret abilities.

  • Kill or be killed in tense, quick-draw action. Target weak points and strike before Heaven Smile reach you.