KeepUp Survival:
An adventurous open-world survival in multiplayer mode awaits you. Survive on an abandoned island with fantastic wildlife, creatures, walls and old military facilities. Hunger, thirst, exhaustion and alertness are your constant companions. Gather resources to ensure your survival. A building, crafting, farming and cooking system enables you to create something big out of a small warehouse.

A detailed and exciting world will captivate you and impress you with expectation.

Valuable resources:
Use an ax or pickaxe to cut trees and remove stones. Use these materials for your structures.

Find and collect fruits to grow your own harvest.

You can also melt down certain resources like trash, weapons, and iron to get iron bars.

Tools and weapons:
All items such as tools and weapons can break and must be repaired on a workbench.

For example: an ax, pickaxe, hammer, pistols, and larger firearms.

You need a construction plan (book) for building. Your structures can also break.

Use the hammer to fix things or give an upgrade.

Build a small camp, house, garden or an entire village alone or with friends according to your wishes.

Animals have their own behavior.

You can expect over 10+ animal species at the start of Early Access.

Crocodiles, elephants, pigs, crows, foxes, wolves, deer, goats, sheep, bears, chickens, rabbits and much more.

At the start of Early Access, 1 to 2 Mutated Creatures will be expected. These bring you better loot and have different levels of difficulty.

Food and water:
Explore the island for food and drink to survive. For example, use potatoes and plant them in your beds to replenish your supply.

A wonderful dynamic day / night cycle with rain and fog awaits you.