ABOUTFish for giant monsters in an epic adventure! Imagine casting out your line and hooking Godzilla.GAMEPLAYKaiju Fishing will feature a range of fishing challenges for you to tackle! From small guppies to massive, island-sized monsters... Help the villages, discover the secrets of the world, and master the seas!DESIGNActive fishing mechanics will offer a variety of challenges. With creatures inspired by classic monster movies, there will always be a bigger fish.STORYThe balance of the ocean is broken and ancient monsters are angered. Visit distant villages and kingdoms to discover their place in this adventure...THE PLANRight now, we're hard at work developing KAIJU FISHING. You can follow our updates on Twitter @mutantstudios and WISHLIST the game right now to keep an eye on it! We'll be updating this store page as we go as well.

As of now, we're targeting an early 2021 release. Hope you join us on this adventure!