Next Halloween is cancelled!
While enjoying a long holiday, the Jack-O-Lanterns are confronted with a terrible truth. What is the purpose of the Jack-O-Lanterns' existence without Halloween? The battle for the survival of their identity has begun.

The Jack-O-Lanterns work to make money. They sell the local vegetables from the Halloween world to the humans. This requires them to sort the vegetables they harvest by type. Please, you can help them with that. Oops, there are some people who will interfere with you during the game. Watch out!

A casual puzzle game with the exhilarating feeling of continuous combos and dancing jack-o-lanterns is addictive. Use the lever to switch the flow of vegetables flowing over the conveyor to guide them to the appropriate box. Achieve your goal and get your Halloween back!

This is the story of a slightly strange world that is a little off-axis from our world. When you have a little time, take a look at this world.