The Just Dance phenomenon has everybody on their feet, moving to the beat and just having fun! There's no humiliation, no nasty judges... and no doubt about it: Just Dance has got us ALL back on the dance floor... begging for more!

Developed exclusively for WiiTM, Just Dance 2, with its improved detection system, new duet, co-op and competitive game modes is now, more than ever, the ultimate dance game!

Just Dance 2 has an all new track list including many legendary hits and a wide selection of musical genres. Have a blast picking up the latest dance moves and even more outrageous choreographies, whilst enjoying more challenges, more sweat & more fun!


  • More music, and an even catchier playlist

    • More than 40 new tracks, from legendary songs to today's chart toppers, with a range of artists such as Ke$ha, James Brown, Mika, Jackson 5 andThe Pussycat Dolls

    • Includes every style of music - Pop, Rock, R'n B Hip Pop and many more!

    • You will now be able to download from an expanding catalogue of new hits using WiiWare

    • All tracks include song lyrics on-screen. So even if you don't score points with your voice, you're sure to score some with the crowd!

  • New dance moves and better precision

    • Just Dance 2 immerses you in the world of dance: learn new iconic dance moves and try to stay in rhythm whatever the music genre

    • Accurate and improved detection system (better tracking system). And to make it even simpler now the coaches wear a glove to show you what hand you should be holding the WiiMote in!

  • Multiple Game Modes

    • Party Mode - play this mode and you will never stop dancing! There are no menus, no need to look for the next song - define a pre-set selection of tracks and just Dance!

    • Training Mode - practice sessions with interactive tutorials to learn choreographies and prepare for your next party

    • Multiplayer Mode - create your own teams and compete in your very own dance-offs (with up to 8 players). Now you can even dance in duets with new fun game modes.

    • Just Sweat - improve your performance as well as your fitness! Have fun whilst keeping an eye on your calorie burn calculator and your Just Dance Sweat Meter!