Juiced is a racing simulation that totally immerses the player in the lifestyle, community and risk-taking of the street modding scene in a unique and compelling way. Juiced doesn't pay lip-service to the modding scene, it takes you there and involves you in it culture, risk taking and unique creativity... the car as a personalized art-form.

It's not an arcade style game in the pure sense of the term, but it will deliver quick thrills and action. Most importantly, the depth of game play goes far beyond an arcade style racer, pitching you against a broad range of characters who aim to trash you by building the meanest looking, hardest driving street machines, then trouncing you in a series of increasingly risky challenges. They want your cash, your cars, and your pride.

Progression is not based on a scripted story, but evolves as your skills in modding and driving increase. You'll have to work hard to get to where the real petrol-heads and money lurk, building up a collection of nitrous burning, eye popping monsters for every type of challenge. And once you've maxed your cars, the stakes are maxed out too.


  • Serious racing simulations have made their mark in the driving genre, but none deal with the street modding scene quite like this:

  • Combines the driving and extreme-sports genres;

  • Build up the most respected street racing crew;

  • Collect and customize or 'mod' a wide variety of cars;

  • Recruit and manage drivers;

  • Compete for cash and cars;

  • Interact with characters from other crews;

  • Use team tactics to win races;

  • Enjoy the 'home' track advantage;

  • Progress by gaining respect and notoriety;

  • Organized Street Races and Race Track Events;

  • Highway Races and Special Challenges;

  • Use of real brands and recognizable licenses to add believability to the game world;

  • Use of actual auto manufacturers' blue prints for nearly 50 licensed in-game vehicles;

  • Believable, but highly accessible physics and handling;

  • Car and environment damage;

  • Cutting edge next-generation graphics;

  • Split-screen multiplayer gaming;

  • Online play on PlayStation2 and Xbox.