Jigsaw Puzzles depicting the beautiful paintings of masterful artists!
Discover many incredible artists and artworks of old!
As you solve beautiful jigsaw puzzles, see in detail the brilliant mastery of the Old Master Artists! Witness their incredible skill and knowledge of light, form, shadows, and colour!
Immerse yourself in the stories that these master artists weave in their paintings

• 154 specially selected and curated paintings from the Masters of Old as early as the 1400's!
• Beautiful music of voices and classical-style orchestras, pianos, and violins!
• Great quality images that allow you to zoom in and see the details!

These Masterworks in Painting by the Old Masters depict fantastical myths, legends, stories as well as real historical events and people:
★ Biblical stories, the Saints and Christendom!
★ Arthurian legends, Knights, Ladies, and Medieval stories and imagery!
★ Peoples and places of such countries as France, England, Germany, Netherlands, and the Middle-East!
★ Ancient Greek and Roman peoples, places, and stories!
★ Shakespearean plays!
★ And more beautiful architecture, landscapes, portraits, and peoples!

- 3 Levels of Difficulty to choose from -
Easy : 50 - 100 pieces
Medium : 150 - 350 pieces
Hard : 450 - 650 pieces

It's time to begin your journey in solving jigsaw puzzles and discovering such incredible Masterworks in Art!