Several years after his last adventure with Dr. T the hapless but incorrigible hero Jack Keane returns to experience the adventure of his life at the side of the beautiful Amanda - only to realize once more that nothing goes as smoothly as Jack has imagined.

Shanghai, 1899 -The mysterious Chines city is the absolute hotspot for adventurers of all kinds. Jack Keane too has been attracted to this place by rumours about a legendary treasure - or to be more precise, these tales have led him right behind the walls of the notorious prison of Shanghai. Here, the guardian of the treasure, a secretive shaman, has been locked up for years. Unfortunately for our hero, Jack has completely disregarded the fact, that it is a lot easier to get INTO prison than out of it ...

And this is only the beginning of Jack Keane's newest bizarre adventure: mysterious treasures, ruthless villains, two distractingly beautiful women and tons of clever humour await the most lovable treasure hunter to ever have travelled the seven seas in a comical tour de force around the globe.

During his travels, Jack will not only meet old friends, but also encounter new faces such as the elegant city-lady Eve or the brilliant engineer Carl.