Welcome to New Swabia!

You are Pete O'Brannon. Or Peter Brenner, to be more truthful. Tricked by the CIA, re-enlisted into the Army, battlefield-promoted to Lt.
Now it's time to wrap up all the lose ends from Into the Dark...


...and pursue that flying saucer into Antarctica.

What to expect?

  • Trash
  • Action
  • Gore
  • Nudity
  • Politics

After several years of fooling around, presenting tech demos and providing teaser levels to our valued "Into the Dark" customers, we from Homegrown Games are proud to officially present the real sequel!

Into the Ice - Nazis of Neuschwabenland features:

  • 15 levels with 20+ square kilometers total
  • No procedural cheating, carefully crafted
  • Total playtime 10 hours min.
  • 62 different enemy types
  • 18 different weapons
  • 100+ Easter Eggs
  • 150+ Bad Jokes
  • 100+ Puzzles
  • 37 Boobs*)

*) Don't ask why it's an odd number. Really, don't ask!