Forge the destiny of the world amid the turbulent times of the early 19th century. Lead one of the Great Empires in titanic conflicts, or achieve economic dominance backed by shrewd diplomats and resolute military. Choose to rule as absolute despot or constitutional monarch. Unleash Hussars, Lancers, Dragoons and Imperial Guards across more than 50 battle maps - from the green fields of England, to the icy wastes of Russia and sweeping deserts of Morocco - all in stunning, full 3D. Fight for naval dominance in breathtaking, real-time sea battles. This is an age of change - be at the leading edge of modernity or your civilisation will fall by the wayside.


  • Two Distinct Gameplay Modes

    Turn-Based Imperial Management Model, Plus Real-Time Land And Naval Battles In Full 3d

  • Spectacular Land Battles

    Striking Environments Provide The Backdrop For Gruesome Scenes Of Combat. Fully Interactive Battle Maps Allow You To Gain A Defensive Advantage By Occupying Buildings, Forests, Boulder Fields And More. The Varying Climates And Terrains Of The 50 Plus Maps Dramatically Change The Look And Feel Of Battles. Realistic Weather Effects Influence Your Troops' Ability And Will To Fight.

  • Historically Accurate Units And Weaponry

    Faithfully Reproduced Units, Which Differ From Empire To Empire, Reflect The Colour And Pomp Of The Era.

    Authentic Period Formations And Manoeuvres Provide Great Tactical Depth.

  • Breathtaking Naval Battles

    Varying Classes Of Ships Are Manned By Crews With Differing Skills And Abilities. Choose To Sink Your Enemy, Or Immobilise, Board And Capture Their Vessels.

  • Choice Of Empires

    Choose From The Five Great Empires Of The Period - Great Britain, France, Russia, Prussia Or Austro-Hungary, In Your Struggle For Domination. Each Empire Has Its Own Strengths And Weaknesses That Can Change As Play Progresses.

  • In-Depth Management Model

    Provides Challenging, Rewarding Gameplay Encompassing War, Diplomacy, Politics, Commerce And Technology. Develop And Expand Your Empire Throughout Europe And North Africa, Across 55 Provinces And 29 Maritime Regions.

  • Comprehensive Development Model

    Featuring Over 70 Advancements, With Separate Military, Political/diplomatic, Resource And Commercial Branches And A Unique System Of Historical Quests.

  • Multi-Player

    Head To Head Real-Time Battles Allow You To Pit Your Skills As A Commander Against Your Friends.