Big event in Gensokyo! The coins in Hakurei Shrine is missing!
Although there weren't many coins, if it was discovered by Reimu, it would be an epic disaster!
In order to stop all this, you need to control the Yin-yang orb of Reimu, head to the magic forest of night, go through the maze of barrage laid by the fairies, and recover the lost coins.
This is a well-designed barrage labyrinth game. You need to collect gold coins and turn on the machine while avoiding the barrage to pass the level.
Although it is a labyrinth, it is still dominated by gorgeous barrage of high difficulty and refuses complicated roads.
This game incorporates the setting of the unlimited challenge of the I wanna series. You will be teleported to the nearest archive point when hit by the barrage. And you can reborn for unlimited times.
If you like to challenge difficult and interesting barrage, don't miss it!OperationKeyboard
WSAD or arrow keys to move
Hold SHIFT to switch to low-speed movement
Press Z or Enter to save near the save point
Press ESC to open menu
A total of 3 archives can be created, press DELETE to delete the archive
No mouse needed