Developed by Argonaut Games PLC, this exciting character-based action game follows "Ninja", an ultra cool ninja with extreme attitude, as he masters weapons and hones his skills in order to save his world.

An adrenaline-charged, combat action adventure game, I-Ninja is set on an Earth-like planet with rich environments designed to challenge Ninja and his unique abilities. Ninja must follow the instructions of his master "Sensei" to recover lost Rage Stones and free inhabitants imprisoned by Master O-Dor's evil army of robotic Ranx.

Players follow Ninja on his journey as he fights fearsome enemies, overcomes obstacles and fights mini bosses to gain new ninja belts. Packed with high flying action, Ninja runs on walls, grinds rails, gets airborne with a "sword-copter" spin, swings from chains, throws explosives and utilizes his manga style ninja moves to rid the land of evil and hunt down his nemesis, the evil Master O-Dor.