Genres: Action
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In the mid 21st Century, Thomas Malthus's 17th Century prophecy will finally be realised.

The Great Population Flood has brought the world to its knees. Cities and towns have become swamped as mass poverty spreads, and the rights of the individual are lost in a sea of desperation.

You are Kate Wilson, a Security Engineer onboard the Queen of the World - a stateless supership where the powerful and the wealthy live in exile from the chaos of the outside world, but united in its quest to save it.

For ten years this "City at Sea" has stood as a beacon for progress, prospering as the rest of world slowly drowns.

On the eve of the Queens massive anniversary celebrations, with a breakthrough announcement looming, the great vessel comes under attack.

Trapped behind enemy lines, Kate must fight her own demons as she becomes the last hope against an army of Neo-Malthusian terrorists, whose philosophy is simple: "Save the world, kill yourself".