Hunter of the Disowned it's a video game about procedurally generated dungeons, where you take the rol of a hero that fight with a bow against different enemies that belongs to nature elements. You could solve puzzles, challenges, find some secrets, collect figures, and buy some items, trying to stay alive through the journey and reached the end of each dungeon defeating it's bosses.BOWUse your bow to defend yourself from the enemies and get resources. This is a fast weapon with unlimited use, with which you will have to get used to shooting in order to survive in the dungeons.

DASHThis action will allow you to move quickly from one point to another, avoiding being touched by an attack or enemy. Training is required to master this skill since it has a cooldown time, so you should know when to use it.

PUZZLESTo advance through some rooms you must manipulate your environment solving small puzzles. As you go through the different dungeons, the puzzles will vary and increase their complexity.

COLLECTYou can collect different lost figures throughout your runs. These figures are unique and difficult to find.BOSSES/DUNGEONSThere will be a total of 5 dungeons, each of which has a particular setting based in Northern Chile. At the end of each dungeon you will be faced with a boss with special powers.Characteristics
  • Perma death
  • Procedural Generation of Dungeons.
  • Collection of unique and secret figures.
  • Dozens of types of rooms.
  • Enemies and bosses based on the culture of Northern Chile.