Have you ever had that feeling, where at any moment later on something bad would happen? Maybe a low amount of courage or even death? Well, Hunter Hearts is all future based. Hunter Hearts is from the book the creator is writing at the moment. The game on the other hand is completely different compared to the book. Hunter Hearts is about a boy named Hunt and he is starting college at the age of 19. He meets a lot of girls and falls in love with a few of them, but who is the true lover of Hunt? Is it Riley, the other 19 year old girl that falls in love with him or is it Lisa, his childhoodfriend?

This is part 1 of 3 (could be changed in the future) of the story of Hunt, where Hunt gets to witness his side of the story.

NTZ Studios is a single-man company so far. Right now he wants to build it slowly up and work his way into the business.