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HPRZ mentions the end of the apocalypse for some time, where it is necessary to resist in the world devastated by a deadly syndrome, which quickly mirrored the human race. Parallel to the disease, a war breaks out among humanity's last immune survivors, in a dispute over scarce territories and resources.

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Explore in an open world with * 64 km², with rural areas, factories, military bases and several other points of interest, contained in farms, villages, cities and connected by tracks and roads.

To survive the syndrome and war, players will have to develop basic survival technologies, such as culinary, pharmaceuticals, clothing, and weaponry from items collected in public areas now transformed into war zones.

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Differentiated sandbox experience in exploring the HPRZ world, through realistic graphics provided by Unreal Engine, with plains, mountains, edens and also dark and possibly inhospitable places.

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Base building system never seen in survival games, extremely intuitive with a logic similar to the real world. And against a magnificent work, there will always be a big explosion through a spectacular invasion, with explosives.

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Equipping a vehicle with armor and a war weapon in the body will be incredible. Much more than a simple vehicle for exploration, but a real “war machine” modified and prepared for combat.

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Wide variety of customizable weapons for all tastes, as well as accessories and explosives that will not let the war end. Based on an innovative group formation system, which will provide absolutely tactical and dynamic battles.

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HPRZ is being developed by gamers from the community itself, and fans of games of the survival genre. Therefore, we will always be aiming for a balance between logic and reality, where success in the evolution of the game will be based on dedication and a spirit of survival, as ideal for our players.

Survival Spirit, is a term given by the developers of HPRZ: The Syndrome, regarding the gameplay and immersiveness mechanics directly applied in the multiplayer experience.
Soon you will have the opportunity to enter the HPRZ world, and encourage the Survival Spirit that lives within you!