Hounds: The Last Hope

Genres: MMORPG , Free to Play
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There is no place for cowards here. Here we fight to the last drop of our blood. Here we fight to the death for the salvation of mankind. This is the place for Hounds soldiers and their followers who want to fight for the last hope! Are you ready for the Hounds: The Last Hope?

Netmarble EMEA presents Hounds with the BUFF quality in 2015. Hounds is a unique game which blends the role playing elements with action genre. You can play Hounds with your friends or alone. In Hounds, you'll fight against dangerous enemies on tough missions. On PVP mode you can show your skills to other players.  

With the new generation graphics and story mode with fully dubbed cutscenes it's really pleasure to play Hounds. There are many details in the game which you can't find on regular action games. You can create your dream soldier with customization options and show your skills to others on tournaments.