Bring this hotel back to its former glory and earn big money off it.
It used to be the talk of the town and welcomed a lot of guests. Then it fell into decline. It's a ruin now. But there are still many possibilities for it. The room layout may need to be updated. Change the decor and furniture. Add new rooms and services to the hotel.
The happier the clientele, the more of them will come, so you have to adjust the price per night to the number of clients. If a famous person stays in your hotel, the prestige of the hotel will increase, and your profits will increase. Organize fund raisers, corporate events, host movie stars and royalty and show everyone that you run the best establishment in town!

  • Remove litter and broken furniture.
  • Paint the walls and renew the floors.
  • Replace lighting.
  • Put in new furniture or renew old ones.
  • Renovate old bathtubs and shower trays.
  • Upgrade the swimming pool and restaurant to please the guests.
  • Organize many different events.
  • Host many strange and funny guests.