Hollow ghost is a game in which you do not need to think much, your task is to fight monsters, ghosts and various enemies until you get to the boss level himself.
Your task is to destroy the birthplaces of enemies, destroy all enemies on the map and finally destroy the boss. After this completion, another level will be available to you.
Enjoy a nice lit and graphically processed environment in the fog, darkness, which looks like drawn horror environment.Game Features
  • Classic side-scrolling action with all modern decorations.
  • Tightly tuned 2D controls that are controlled by stamina. Avoid, block with the shield, race and chop your way through even the deadliest opponents.
  • 2 types of attack, block shield and different jump heights.
  • Create your own hero and make your journey unique!
  • Over 10,000 options to create the main character from skin color through weapons, shields, armor.
  • Cast of cute and scary characters that have been revived by traditional 2D graphics.
  • Different types of enemies as well as different epic bosses.
  • You can destroy the walls of the game and this is how you can make the game easier.
  • First aid kits are located on the map, help yourself with them!
Do You Like Fighting Games? So Try Hollow Ghost!
More Levels, Enemies and Bosses Coming Soon!