Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

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Enter the realm of a retired assassin, forced back into action by treason. You may be a hired killer but you still have a sense of loyalty and justice.

Visit the dark recesses of a world corrupted by crime, greed, degradation and dishonour.

And a past that catches up with you.

Trust no one - if the price is right, the finger of your most trusted ally will be on the trigger.

Your targets may hide in the most remote areas of the planet, but their destruction is never prevented - only postponed.

Learn your trade - master your tools - overcome your obstacles - outsmart your enemies - eliminate your targets. Remember - rash decisions bleed consequences. Know when to strike instantly, know when to take your time. Chance favours the prepared player. Failure is not an option - it is a privilege reserved for those who do not try hard enough.

You have returned - and you will track down the organization that forced you out of retirement. You may find that the enemy is closer than you think - retrace your steps, and you will prevail.


  • Mid mission saving and loading.

  • Real-time dynamics on falling bodies and objects.

  • Go-anywhere maps (no loading between sections).

  • Advanced enemy AI.

  • Decide your own play-style. There are many ways to complete each mission.

  • Large range of weapons from surgery scalpels to cal.50 armour piercing sniper rifles.

  • Breathtaking varied and realistic locations, ranging from Italy to Russia to Malaysia and beyond.

  • Original orchestral music score.

  • Brand new engine taking advantage of all hardware features in both audio and video.

  • Use any controller (mouse, keyboard, game pad, joystick etc.)

  • Optional all new 1st person mode.