Guns get blasting in this first and third person tactical shooter that builds upon the tremendous success of its predecessor. Players will be challenged by the game's unique blend of action, strategy and tactics in more than 20 complex missions over nine different campaigns. Sweat will be dripping down virtual soldier's faces in locations throughout the world, from the lush jungles of Burma to the harsh deserts of Africa. And for a full-on frontal assault, Hidden & Dangerous 2 will feature multiplayer modes including Cooperative and Deathmatch play, with the option to play as Axis forces.

Commanding unstoppable power, gamers will recruit and control the Special Operations Executive Section through the most perilous covert missions behind enemy lines during World War II. Each critical decision made affects the gamer's country and ultimately the success of the mission and survival of the team.

Tension mounts as the game plunges players in a true-to-life combat zone created through sophisticated motion capture animation, dynamic lighting and shadows, and highly realistic character movement and action. Players have a multitude of vehicle choices including trucks, tanks, motorcycles and planes.


  • Over 20 complex missions in nine campaigns.

  • The ability to interact with the environment, including communication through the game with non-playing characters, etc.

  • Enhanced character development that progresses through the game.

  • Engrossing storyline that follows the lead characters and enhances the game's atmosphere.

  • New and improved accessible controls including active cursor and scrollbar and automatic actions.

  • Improved combat tactics and greater control over the entire unit.