Sabre Squadron features nine new single-player campaign missions in four new locations plus the added ability to play all of these nine missions cooperatively over the Internet. In addition, Sabre Squadron features three new deathmatches, three new occupations and two new objective multiplayer missions for up to 32 players, enhanced, more realistic AI, and new weapons such as the German Panzershreck, SAS flare gun, German G43 rifle and the PAK40 cannon.


  • Play through the new campaigns online co-operatively with friends!

  • 8 new multiplayer maps.

  • Wield all new weapons in both 1st and 3rd person.

  • Take control of vehicles such as the Willys Jeep and M4 Sherman tank.

  • Improved AI - enemies and squad members will run for cover, set up ambushes and do what they can to preserve their lives.

  • Play online in three other multiplayer modes with up to 32 players.