ATTENTION: The game is hard to complete as it's for hardcore players!

The events of the game carry us to one of the islands of the universe of ❂ Hexaluga ❂ where the Father of War is left without his weapon and shield!
He lost hold of them during the hardest fight with a titan. But he managed to cast a spell and lock the weapon and shield with a magic chain. So it received its own soul and consciousness. And now the Weapon of War has its own goal: get over all the obstacles and return to its master to help the Father of War smash his enemies. How long will it take you to fulfill this task?

Main game features:
+ Choice of playable elements: the weapon and shield;
+ Different characteristics of the weapon and shield influencing the game;
+ Physics-based level-design;
+ Interacting with the level elements;
+ Flexible chain with realistic physics.