Heroes Swipe Right combines the hell of challenging roguelikes with the hell of online dating.

In Heroes Swipe Right, players are challenged to wade into a dungeon full of nasties. You're not alone, though - you can team up with fellow adventurers using a dating app, swiping left to pass on the losers and right to pair with capable allies. Every potential match comes with their strengths and quirks. Maybe they're a herculean warrior who's also a hoarder, or maybe they're a powerful mage who's nearsighted, or maybe they're a devilish rogue who constantly sends you pictures of their ducks.

It'll take more than just skill to brave the ever-changing labyrinth. You'll also have to find your perfect match along the way.

The Dungeon: Play in an ever-changing catacomb full of goblin wizards, sai-throwing skeletons, and rock-smashing golems. Every run is different, with new enemies and traps to test your mettle. It's not all bad though: you'll find shrines and shops to give you powerful boons, and you'll recruit allies to your town to aid you in future quests.

The Questing App: Dungeons are built for 2, and every time you need a new companion, you'll open your modern-day inspired app in search of another compatible adventurer. Swipe left and right to find your match, but be mindful. Some matches will be faceblind and unable to tell friend from foe. Some won't know how to read numbers. Some will constantly jabber while you're trying to fight. Finding the right companion won't come easy.

The HUB: As you play, you'll recruit allies into your base town, all of whom come with their own quirky stuff. Want someone to dig into a well for special items? There's a guy for that. Want someone to tell you hot dog jokes, and nothing but hot dog jokes? Sure, we have that too.

Heroes Swipe Right is built around discovery - finding new quirks that surprise you, new townsfolk that engage you, and new enemies that destroy you.