As an aspiring ace fighter pilot, the first mission throws you straight into the situation that resulted in the US joining World War II. It's 1941 and a 200-strong Japanese naval strike force is heading towards Hawaii with one target in mind: Pearl Harbor.

Take to the skies in your Hellcat fighter plane and defend the US fleet and blast the enemy out of the skies! This epic opening clash sets in motion a series of great battles that range across the Pacific, including Wake Island, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Midway, Leyte Gulf and the Coral Sea.

Throughout the game's main campaign, the action comes fast and furious as you experience the immense scope of these ferocious conflicts with hundreds of planes on screen in a single confrontation!

You'll fly your Hellcat against the Imperial Japanese Navy's new Zero fighters, attack Japanese bases on occupied Guadalcanal, and protect Wake Island from relentless bombing raids. You'll even get to dive-bomb the Japanese carriers and ships that attacked Pearl Harbor and track down the people who planned and executed the surprise attack.

With over 35 of the greatest US and Japanese aircraft from WWII engaged in intense dog fighting throughout, Heroes of the Pacific is your chance to be a hero and make history.


  • Fight to the death in incredible aerial battles from WWII's Pacific Theatre.

  • Over 35 playable aircraft, including Fighters, Dive Bombers, Torpedo Bombers, and Bombers, with more to unlock.

  • Up to 150 planes in the sky at one time, each with full AI and physics.

  • 26 compelling and dramatic missions taken from real events of the Pacific campaign.

  • Incredibly detailed plane and ship models, with complex lighting and environment effects.

  • Player controllable wingmen, through a fast and innovative menu system.

  • Two-player split screen multiplayer.

  • Online play for up to eight players.

  • Realistic environments, including dynamic 3D water.