Did you ever wonder where legends, sagas and characters like elves, gnomes, dragons and mages - the races and creatures we typically refer to as fictional fantasy archetypes - come from? There is no smoke without fire, we say. If any gossip and writings get spread around, there must be some link between what was imagined and reality. Even an authentically candid lie or skillfully disguised fiction bears links with true to life events...

We are breaking the seal on the door to myths and legends, the entrance to a world where magic was commonplace, the gateway to Empires long ago extinct. The memories of them were methodically erased from the public consciousness, and have remained in oblivion for ages. Now, the time has come to take a step through that door leading to a distant reality where lived mysterious peoples and societies, where lived heroes keen on defending their lands until the last droplet of blood. You will find the truth about what happened to that ancient world of magic and why our knowledge of it is so scanty. The game Heroes of Annihilated Empires is a key to that world's door.


  • Seemless combination of two genres RTS and RPG with a possibility to combine or choose in-between.

  • Massive battles of armies of many thousand units.

  • Four unique races. Individual skills, spells and artifacts.

  • 12 heroes, 12 neutral races, 100 different units and 150 different buildings.

  • Over 150 magic items and more than 100 spell types.

  • Peculiar and captivating campaign storyline created by a renowned author Ilya Novak.

  • Original magic system based on cards with spells equally interesting to any kind of player. Over 50 spell cards.

  • Classic multiplayer mode. Up to 7 players via LAN or Internet.

  • Involving process of hero development through the gameplay.