Hero Among Us is a strategy/manager game were you create your own super hero, fighting for peace and justice in an ever-changing world that is constantly reacting to your actions and decisions.
Choose between being a Vigilante, Speedster or Genius to start your journey for world peace, learn the best skills to fight super villains and face all kinds of world crises.

Manage political, environmental, health and safety crises, while super villains undermine your achievements and challenge you to battle.

Prevent the world from reaching total chaos, otherwise humanity will lose all hope and succumb into darkness.

Fight criminals of all sorts, from street thugs to evil masterminds, and always be wary of the malignant plans your greatest arch-enemy may throw at you.

Each hero has their own set of combat skills, it is up to you each is the best to fight the villains that are terrorizing the world.

Settle diplomatic disputes between countries all over the world remembering that "good" rarely ever is good for everyone, and be prepared to face the consequences.

Balance your super powers and weaknesses with a unique skill tree and combat ability per hero archetype:

  • Vigilante- Inspire people to bring justice with their own hands. You will be able to summon amateur vigilantes to help you for a limited time.
  • Speedster- For a limited time no one can keep up with your speed. Everything around you freezes as you can destroy crisis and battle villains without taking any damage.
  • Genius - A temporary drone is created on the hero's current country, taking all the damage delt by crisis and villains.
  • More to come! - We plan to add more hero archetypes, stay tuned!

  • Fast-paced Real Time Strategy gameplay
  • Character skill building
  • Multiple narratives to explore in every playthrough
  • Evolving world that changes based on your decisions
  • Countless strategies to explore and experiment
  • Active development, with more content coming soon!