For Tim, the matter of when or how it all began couldn’t be more superficial. For all he knows, he has always hated her. Cassandra. A girl who constantly seems to be one step ahead of him. The reminder of his weaknesses. A girl that beat him at running. From elementary school all the way to high school, what first started as a juvenile form of payback disguised as a unilateral rivalry soon derailed into a full-blown obsession that consumed every moment of Tim’s life. In fact, only when she unexpectedly quit high school did he realize how far gone he has always been. His raison d'être—the target of his loathing—had disappeared, and his motivation with it. Still, the world kept on spinning. Tim finished high school, went to university, made a friend, and forgot all about her. An overall happy ending.

Or was it?

What would happen if, after all those years, he met her again? Would love unlikely blossoms? Or would something far darker reawake...?

Her Lie I Tried To Believe follows the unhealthy relationship of a man and a woman who, through a series of fateful encounters, become deeply entangled with one another all the while still being haunted by their pasts.

The extended edition of Her Lie I Tried To Believe adds the following to the original work:

  • 2 abrupt endings
  • 2 small variations to the original ending
  • 1 true ending
  • 10+ new CGs
  • 6 new locations
  • More than double the number of words (22k VS. 47k)
  • 4 new original pieces of music
  • 2 new characters
  • 4 Endings
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Choices
  • 12+ CGs
  • 45K+ words story