What could be greater than God? To be God - just like in Heaven and Hell!

In the year 1500 BC you announce to four groups of people: Thou shalt have no other gods before me. To make your commandment effective, you are supported with miracles and plagues by seven different prophets. Convince your potential followers with sound arguments such as chain lightning, locusts, and other mysteries.

As you have to compete against a strong opponent at the same time, the fight for the most followers will be even more challenging. There can be only one after all!


  • Captivating mixture of real time strategy and God simulation
  • Each side employs miracles and disasters
  • 7 different prophet types on each side with different abilities
  • Your influence changes the world - visibly!
  • Day and night cycles influencing the peoples
  • 4 different groups of people
  • Real world with realistic cause and effect
  • Breathtaking campaigns with thrilling missions and extra single missions
  • Multiplayer one on one or teamplay