Heat and Run is a team-based game available for Windows users only.

  • Twelve fighters are awaiting you, they all have specific abilities.
  • A great curse forces you to defend a Fire. Keep it alive and extinguish the enemy‚Äôs fire to win!
  • Grab your Glocktail and Dynameats, cooperate with your teammates until victory.
  • Create Blocs, which can be used to defend against the enemy arsenal or simply move around.

As of now, joining our discord and asking us for a STEAM KEY is the only way to play.

Five playtests has been done this February. Stay tuned for the next occasions!

With this demo, we want to:
  • show you the overall gameplay concept.
  • remove common bugs and discover new ones.
  • learn the technical tools we need to master about hosting an multiplayer game
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We are three French guys and our goal for 2020 is to create a studio to start one year of production.