"Heart of Summer" is a visual novel style dating sim game set in a classic high school anime setting.
You play as Hideki Hiro, a slightly delinquent high school student who transfers to a new school in a different prefecture. You are on your senior year and so you are faced with the joy and anxiety of spending your last summer at a Japanese high school. It's up to you to live it out and try to get that hot school uniform-wearing girlfriend that you've always wanted...

- Authentic old school romcom high school anime setting
- Energy packed original opening track
- Cute and heart throbbing partial voices for the 2 main heroines
- Original character art
- Various cool and cute outfits that change as the summer progresses
- Frequent choices that affect the course of your summer
- 3 different routes and several BAD endings for you cynics

Experience life as a Japanese high school student for the span of one summer including:
- Rainy season in June
- Living out your carefree after school life as a real Go-Home-Clubber
- Competing in the Sports Festival
- Enjoying the Summer Vacation to the fullest
- Going on a School Trip with your class

...and much more!!!

You've always wanted to live that dream school life from anime and manga. Come on! What are you waiting for?

Buyer's insurance: even if you cannot get a girlfriend the game studio "Akehabara" GUARANTEES to you a free—yes, FREE—best friend from your class.