Skeletor is on the brink of conquering Grayskull and with it all of Eternia. Only He-Man can thwart the evil warlord and stop Eternia from being plunged forever into darkness. The journey is long and hazardous taking He-Man under Snake Mountain and through the Evergreen Forest. Along the way lie the evil minions of Skeletor with the final challenge a titanic meeting with Skeletor himself.

Fight the henchman of the evil warlord Skeletor.


  • Beautifully crafted gaming environments faithful to the original cartoon series.

  • Battle against or befriend characters from the classic series.

  • Survive the rough lands of Eternia and face Skeletor in the ultimate showdown.

  • Huge variety of enemies and puzzles to conquer along the way.

  • Ride Battle Cat and use his missiles, fearsome claws and jumping abilities on your journey.

  • Ten huge multi-levelled stages to play through.