Happy Wars

Genres: Action , Action Adventure
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Happy Wars is a multi-player action game that pits different comic-style characters against each other in over-the-top combat arenas. Taking place in a variety of fantasy battlefields including grasslands, a dark world, and the ocean floor, players can control any of 3 types of characters: warrior, mage, and cleric. Cooperate with friends to enjoy action on a grand scale, working together to overcome enemies, casting magic spells, and attacking castles. For off-line fun, the player can take on missions in the solo campaign mode.


  • Three classes of characters with unique functions

    The warrior excels at close combat, the mage at using spells, and the cleric at team support activities, so strategic use of each class is the key to victory for your team.

  • Skills enabling powerful attack techniques

    A total of 27 skills with unique efficacy are provided for each class, such as "Spinning Blade" (twirling around while slicing enemies), "Heal" (restore friend's health), and "Lightning Strike" (crash down lightning to attack a wide array of enemies).

    In addition, impressive team skills capable of turning the course of battle can be launched when a large group of team members gather, such as summoning a "Meteor Storm" or "Tornado", or launching a "Charge" from specific battle formations.

  • Battlefields in different types of terrain

    The "Rainbow" battlefield features radiant grassy plains, "Twilight" is full of craggy mountains and lava fields, and "Coral" has terraced coral reefs -- numerous floating continents are connected together to produce unique stages.

    Each stage is filled with jumping platforms, poison swamps, antlion traps, and other obstacles which can be used to advantage.

  • Network gaming with players from around the world

    Up to 30 players can play together online. A communication system for dialog and commands is provided to eliminate the language barrier for effective communication. Players simply select from standardized dialog items, simplifying communication.

  • You got a problem? Settle it in Happy Wars!

    Players have the option to enter text as their "Tag". People with the same "Friendly Tag" are placed in a team together, and they are matched up against players with an "Enemy Tag".

    Using the tag system, players have fun battling between clans or between "Dog Lovers" vs. "Cat Lovers", "Samurai Fans" vs. "Ninja Fans", and other factions.

  • Hone your skills with the single-player campaign

    Follow the epic story and overcome mission goals in the single-player campaign mode. Players will get more than enough game for the buck even when playing alone.

  • Dress up your character! Collect power items! Item collection & customization

    A wide selection of weapons, apparel, emotional expressions are provided for sprucing up and customizing each character.

    Obtain items for use while playing the game. Collect various items through repeated quests, using them to customize your character and make it a one-off, personal design.