STORYHani is an ordinary girl. On a rainy night for a few days, Hani's adventure begins.

FEATURESSkill Slot : Free skill equipment system allows you to use different combinations each time you play.
Skill Upgrade : When you acquire the same skill, the skill becomes stronger and you get new effects.
Sub Slot : When the main skill is invoked, the sub-skill is activated at the same time. It's strategically available.
Elements : Skill is based on Element and each Element has its own skill, so you can enjoy a different kind of fun.
Synergy : Equipping the same elemental skill creates a synergy effect.
Dungeons : Dungeons are created for each game.
Artifacts : You can enhance your character with over 100 different artifacts.
Companion : When you meet certain conditions, your companion fights with you.
Costume : You can find costumes in the game.MULTIPLAYERPvP : Each round is played, and the player who first achieves the set number of victories wins.