Halloween Horrors Deluxe is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot machine (pokie) with a Scary theme oriented from left to right. The game has 11 regular symbols that win if three or more are lined up in sequence on a payline, beginning from the leftmost position.
Free game feature is awarded when three scatters appear on any line. Free spins cannot be re-triggered during free spins. Re-spin or Take Win Feature may be selected after free spins.
Non win during free spins does not trigger Re-spin or Take Win Feature.
Up to x15 multiplier if Wolf x3 or x5 is in winning combination with 3 or more Wolf.
Mini, Maxi, Mega Jackpots win with 6x, 9x, or 12x Jackpot symbol scattered anywhere in window.

keyboard Shortcuts.
Supports Mouse, keyboard.
Quick access keyboard shortcuts: F4 = keyboard Shortcuts, F11 = Sound and Setting menu.

This is the closest slot machine simulation you can get to the real thing, with features like, Reserve Button, Call Attendant, Collect and Paytable.
Play Pokies4fun Slot Simulations at work or at home without losing a cent, Great Games Great Fun........

No real money can be won.
For Amusement Only.

Spin - Spacebar
Arrow Left - Mouse Left
Arrow Right - Mouse Right
Arrow Up - Mouse Up
Arrow Down - Mouse Down
Credit - A
Credit - B
Collect - C
Call Attendant - E
Paytable - P
Paytable Next Screen - Page Up
Paytable Previous Screen - Page Down
MaxBet - M
Lines Minus - 1
Lines Plus - 2
Line Bet Minus - 3
Line bet Plus - 4
Close Window - X
Reserve Screen - R
Settings Menu - S
Sound Settings - F11
About - F2
Support Website - F3
Control - F4
Exit to Desktop - F5
Available Control Options - Mouse - Keyboard
Trackball - 4 Way Joystick - Ipac Emulator