The Academy never prepared you for this...

It seemed like just another day on the job... until fierce alien life forms came crashing through the walls and a military death squad invaded the hallways of Black Mesa. As security in this top-secret government facility, you must scramble to keep the scientists and yourself alive, as you extinguish the many hostiles attempting to take you out. It's going to be quite a day...


  • Return to Black Mesa as the security guard who allied with Gordon Freeman in the original, award-winning thriller.

  • Includes: Half-Life HD Pack. Automatically upgrade all your Half-Life weapons and characters with new high definition content.

  • 32-Person Multiplayer. Battle opponents from around the world in Capture the Flag and more Half-Life online games.

  • Learn more about the incidents at Black Mesa, and explore new areas of this mysterious government facility.

  • Blue Shift contains the award winning artificial intelligence, animation, and technology that made Half-Life PC Gamer's "Greatest Game of All Time."

  • Also includes: Half-Life: Opposing Force (in North America), the award-winning action thriller that places you in the boots of a military specialist assigned to eliminate Gordon Freeman.