"Half Blood" an RPG video game story based role playing video game starring the main character in the story "Heero" slowing venturing in his adventure dealing with a new quest after another after meeting a girl "Lilith" after saving her from a goblin raid just outside his town Featherrock, After returning her to her home Evergreen only to find it in destruction and Lilith being the person in quesitoning from the government evading them to continue with your journey forward with the sword of "Ragnarok" given by her grand father Azreal slowly meeting new friends and enemies along the way and discovering a romance brewing between Heero and Lilith whilst looking for the "Scrolls of Kronos" to prevent destruction and doom upon the world by an evil Demon from the underworld named "Xayvion" with more secrets to find along the way with each individual story of each character found joining your team in the fight with good versus evil in a demon/angel and human world mixed with an adventure comedy romance and friendship!

Learning new skills to do certain certain things such as bashing boulders to certain obstacles and growing vines to cross ceratin paths.
Providing 2 alternate endings between a happy and sad ending based on a fountain at the end of the game.
Also including a video walkthrough of tips, Tricks and secrets on how to finish the game and all the bonuses in it.