Own your ultimate gym in Gym Tycoon. Build your gym, train customers, and conquer prices at contests to grow the ultimate gym of your dreams! With a bit of money and a lot of ambitions, you start your journey to own a world-renowned gym.Features
  • Build and customize your gym building. The powerful wall tool (coming soon!) allows you to unleash your creativity, no roadblocks!
  • Furnish your gym with variation. Choose from a vast collection of equipment, personalize your gym with custom color options (coming soon!).
  • Attract, train and turn your customers into your fans. Each customer is unique, but you're in control. Watch them improve!
  • Hire and manage staff, keep them happy and they'll bring your gym to higher levels!
  • Enter customers into contests (coming soon!) and win prestigious prizes. Become the ultimate gym!
Developer NoteGym Tycoon is the first title of Green Forest Games, a freshly founded one-man development studio based in the Netherlands. Our goal is to bring you, PC gamers (of all OS'es), a great gaming experience! In addition, Gym Tycoon is still very fresh and some features are still in development. If you have any suggestions, discussions or criticism, reach out to us! Check out our socials (or send an e-mail!) to get in touch!