Gurumin is an Action RPG developed by Nihon Falcom, who is famous for many classic titles, such "Zwei", and the "Ys" series of role playing games.

Gurumin stars a girl called Parin. who befriends a girl named Pino, Parin is surprised to learn that Pino is no ordinary girl.

Pino shows Parin a hidden town of friendly monsters that only children can see. However, evil monsters called "Phantoms" suddenly appear and kidnap many of her new friends and Parin embarks on a quest to save them...


  • Great Character Design and Story.

  • Use 8 different attacks to topple enemies.

  • Unlock 4 addictive mini-games.

  • 5 different difficulty modes.

  • Multiple Endings.

  • Timing attacks to the beat of the music will score you critical hits.

  • 23 characters to interact with, each of them unique and full of personality.