• Number of cars: 97.
  • Manufacturers: 10.
  • Courses: 44.
  • TV-style replays with dynamic panning and tracking shots.
  • New weather effects (such as rain), car effects (such as headlights), and environmental effects (such as shimmering streetlights).
  • Improved graphics and track detail, physics engine, and sound effects (better downshifting sounds, for example) yield a more enjoyable and realistic driving experience.
  • Addictive, new "Drift Combo" minigame -- go for the most consecutive powerslides/drifts to unlock additional cars and courses.
  • New voices have been added (GT Advance 1 didn't have any).
  • Differences between US and original Japanese version: 2 players (via link cable both need a copy of the game to play).