Welcome to Grid Fight - Mask Of The Goddess - First Boot is the prologue of Grid Fight - Mask of the Goddess, the Action RPG in which you lead a team of heroine to negotiate the future of the world with the furious goddesses.

In First Boot, join Donna in her first steps in the world of Gora, find your new companions, explore all the paths in the first city of Tohora by the Sea and negotiate your faith with Tikaka, the Goddess of the mission!

Grid Fight is an Action game with Strategy and RPG elements.It follows the story of the newly born Donna and her friends across the all-female cities of Gora.
Move rapidly around the grid-shaped arenas, avoiding deadly attacks and using the unique abilities of your team to defeat and recruit the strong people that inhabit this world.

Grid Fight features a unique graphic style inspired by 70’s art posters and an original 90’s pop-heavy score.

Customise your party with dozens of playable characters to help you defeat hordes of enemies. Build the perfect team and switch between characters, on the fly, strategically using the right abilities and elemental affinities to succeed.

Face the Goddess of the first mission and her most powerful monsters, and claim her powerful artefacts.

Grid Fight features a deep (but totally optional) story. Where you make life or death decisions and choose who to trust. That will define which of the totally different endings you get.

Up to 4 players can play at any time. They will be controlling all the characters of your squad as well for a fun and coordinated team effort or a fun team mess!