Autumn 1881 - deep in the Thuringian forests lies the village of Rabenfels. From here a new epidemic spread over the whole country.

You are a young doctor sent by the Imperial Office of Disease to investigate the origin of this mysterious disease.

Did Count Mergul, who resides high above the village, have anything to do with it, or his disreputable sister, who has retreated into the dark woods?

The villagers rumour that the Count is conducting sidelong experiments, that through his family a dark shadow has lain over the village for generations.

But can that be, in such enlightened times like these? One thing is certain: nothing is as it seems - and you have come to this godforsaken village to reveal the riddle. Meanwhile the people around you are getting sick and dying.

Gothic 1881 - a short narrative adventure in which you learn the secrets of a village, the hidden desires of its inhabitants. And in which you lift the thin veil of reality.