GORSD: Intense arena combat, set deep inside the heart of darkness.

Born from a womb-eye, you discover a world seething with challenges created by an unknown power. For what purpose were you created? Uncover the truth of the GORSD.

  • You have just one bullet, fire it, control it and collect it.
  • 1-4 player couch battles
  • 8 multiplayer game modes with modifiable rules, set over 21 maps.
  • 7 hour single player game, set in a large overworld containing more than 60 battle stages.
  • Strategize by not only thinking about where you need to go, but also where your projectile needs to go.

We are the GORSD.

The GORSD will never leave you.

  • Terrifyingly awesome soundtrack.
  • Game specifically designed to stop you from terminal boredom and enrich your life permanently.
  • Stupidly fun for local couch multiplayer.